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Various types of tweezers/forceps form the basis of dental office equipment. They can be used to place various types of rollers and tampons, as well as for suturing.

The assortment includes:

  • Diagnostic tweezers College, Meriam, Perry, Caulk
  • Suturing forceps (needle positioning)-pattern with a characteristic hole and incision for easy positioning of the needle during sewing;
  • Forceps for gingivectomy or gum mass reduction surgery for the needs of implantology or prosthetics with a notch for gingival pricking
  • Endodontic forceps with a lock – tweezers with special longitudinal and transverse grooves (model ST 242) for easy gripping
  • Curette forceps with a special semi-sharp curette on the tips for easy holding and removal of tissues;
  • Orthodontic forceps – self-clamping for gripping and positioning of orthodontic brackets;
  • Implant holding forceps with a special groove for secure gripping of dental implants, mainly made of titanium;
  • Miller atriculating paper holders, allow for its precise placement, which is aimed at determining the contact point of irregular filling surfaces;
  • Dressing and tissue forceps – a wide range of tweezers from the offer of medical tools.
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