Medical instruments

The main category of products are medical instruments used in various types of surgical procedures. They are the basic equipment of hospitals, and each of them performs their specific function during the procedure. Their proper execution is extremely important, which consists not only of the materials used, but also responding to the specific needs of doctors and surgeons. Chirmed offers not only regular medical instruments, but also innovative instruments developed in cooperation with specialists. They are a constant source of inspiration because they have the greatest contact with the manufactured equipment. They know which solutions work best when performing precise, complex procedures. They also pay attention to the quality of instruments and the convenience of their use.

For years, Chirmed has been trying to combine tradition and modernity efectively by creating high-quality instruments, made of raw materials from reliable suppliers. This in combination with highly skilled staff, trying to meet the expectations of customers, determines the success of the company. In its structures, there is also a research and measurement laboratory, which testifies to openness to all kinds of innovative projects.

The range of medical instruments includes surgical instruments made of stainless steel and titanium for the following specialties: general surgery, microsurgery, vascular surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, orthopedics, ENT.

We specialize in the production of tweezers, reusable scalpels, vascular clamps, microsurgical needle holders, hooks, retractors and bone levers. The production of tweezers belongs to the company’s competence from its beginnings, and the range is full of world-known designs from standard to typically specialized patterns.

In a word, Chirmed is able to provide a wide range of various types of medical instruments with a wide range of applications.

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