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The production of forceps has been accompanying the company since its establishment, and their range covers almost all known patterns from the standard to the typically specialized models.

They are based on high quality stainless steel and titanium. Forceps are made in a wide range of sizes and shapes with precisely selected functional parameters depending on the intended use. Forceps with a round handle are most often offered with diamond tips for a more secure tissue or suture holder. Most popular are titanium models due to their lower weight and the need for non-magnetic materials eg for neurosurgical operations carried out in the magnetic field.

The assortment includes, among others:

  • Dressing forceps (Standard, Medium, delicate patterns, Adson, Gerald, Waugh, Semken, Swedish model)
  • Atraumatic forceps
  • Tissue forceps with teeth for catching and manipulating tissues and fascia (Standard, Medium, delicate tweezers, Adson, Gerald)
  • Micro forceps, including the jewelery, Swiss, precision model;
  • Micro forceps with a round handle, including:
    – forceps with platform – atraumatic tweezers
    – dressing forceps with incisions or smooth;
    – ring tip forceps for a more secure grip of delicate tissues;
    – counter-balanced forceps giving the surgeon the best possible control during surgery, by adjusting the shape of the tail to the surgeon’s hand;
  • In addition, we offer ophthalmic, ENT and dental forceps and also forceps for philately and entomology.
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