Scissors with a wide range of applications also have a permanent place in the offer.

They are made of the highest quality steel, thanks to which they are characterized by adequate durability. They guarantee the desired cutting precision and high resistance to bluntness. Scissors pass rigorous tests in this area, which translates into their high functionality.

The offer includes three groups of products in this category:

  • Standard surgical scissors;
  • Scissors model Iris and Spencer;
  • Micro scissors with flat and round handle and bayonet scissors.


The scissors have their application in medicine and dentistry.
Iris scissors have their application in interventions on the borderline of microsurgery, in ENT and ophthalmology. Spencer scissors are used to remove the sutures.

Microsurgical scissors with a flat and round handle and bayonet scissors are used in precise microsurgical procedures, including cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, and dentistry. We also offer very precise titanium scissors designed for neurosurgical procedures.

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