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The Chirmed company has been producing titanium instruments since the 1970s. It is worth noting how many benefits come from using this type of material, which works well in various types of medical instruments.

Among the advantages of instruments made of titanium one should first of all mention excellent corrosion resistance as well as high durability. Almost unlimited lifespan makes titanium an extremely cost-effective material. It is the most biocompatible of all metals due to its excellent resistance to body fluids. That’s why it works well during all surgical procedures. Titanium instruments have excellent resistance to crevice corrosion, which proves their superiority over instruments made of stainless steel.

In addition, their low specific weight, combined with durability and delicate metallic appearance, deserves attention. Instruments made of titanium withstands repeated sterilization, which does not affect the quality of the edges and surfaces. It can be anodized to produce different colors and non-reflective surfaces, which is particularly important in microsurgical operations such as eye surgery. What’s more, it is non-magnetic, which makes it ideal for applications where it is necessary to reduce electromagnetic interactions.

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