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Chirmed has a long-standing tradition in OEM production for well-known surgical instruments' manufacturers. It began in the 1970s.

OEM cooperation includes the production of medical and non-medical instruments according to customer specifications.

The base is made of patterns, drawings or specific requirements collected during conversations with the client. Collected information is necessary for the design process.

The cooperation includes:
Development of designs, prototypes of instruments according to customer specifications. The construction of a correct prototype allows to reduce potential instrument’s defects before serial production. It also allows you to perform basic instruement’s tests.
Preparation of technological and construction documentation.
Construction of tooling for serial production
Serial production of instruments according to accepted designs
Marking according to customer specification

In the case of OEM cooperation, it is possible to maintain total discretion at the customer’s request. It may be confirmed by the conclusion of a NDA. In this way, it is possible to work innovatively in a full confidentiality, which should accompany the creation of crucial projects.

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