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The Factory of Medical Instruments CHIRMED is located in Rudniki, near Częstochowa.

It is a manufacturer of surgical and dental instruments and non-medical components made of stainless steel and titanium. From the beginning of its existence, that is from 1946, it prides itself on the high quality of its products, and the motto of the company is the slogan “From idea to solution”, which means that all products are manufactured on site in one hundred percent without the use of semi-finished products and without participation of subcontractors. The best raw materials available on the market are used for production, and the knowledge, experience and practical skills of employees are a source of pride.

CHIRMED is a company with traditions and tries to base itself on tradition, but throughout its existence it aims to improve itself, keeps track of the latest achievements in its field, thanks to which it uses modern technologies to produce its instruments.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the company actively participates in research and development.

The basic scope of the company’s activity includes the production, service and implementation of medical tools for general surgery, cardiosurgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT, so for the most important fields of medicine. However, this is not the only activity. Due to its great capabilities and knowledge, it also deals in the production of non-medical metal products for the automotive industry, construction, also beekeeping and non-conventional medicine industries. It also offers services in the field of metalworking.

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Already in two years after the foundation, in 1948, CHIRMED began exporting its products to foreign markets. Currently, instruments from Rudniki go to many countries, including to Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, as well as Brazil, Thailand, India and many others. A large group of recipients from many countries trusted CHIRMED, of course due to the high quality of products, and this quality consists of excellent raw materials from trusted suppliers and producers with whom cooperation has been going on for many years. We’re talking here about German stainless steel. As components of success, one should also mention 100% quality control, both in-process and final inspection; highly qualified personnel; cooperation with specialists in the development of new instruments and their clinical evaluation. The certified Quality Management System according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards plays a significant role; attention to compliance with quality standards in the countries to which the company’s products are exported (including FMA certificate in Japan, FDA registration in the USA and many others); and it is noteworthy that the company takes care of clients’ interests with due care and respect to their special requirements.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the plant’s area is over 4,000 square meters and is constantly growing. It consists of modern grinding plant, machining department equipped with the most modern CNC machining centers, automatic grinding department (grinding robot), R&D department, press department, spacious and modern office with an exhibition of instruments and a conference room. The company can also boast a storage system that includes a raw material warehouse, a semi-finished warehouse and a finished product warehouse.

We are the optimal supplier

CHIRMED's over 70-year experience allows us to offer a wide range of services that are trusted by customers all over the world.
The continuous development of the company assumes expanding fields of activity, which is why the company undertakes the implementation of non-standard orders and projects.

Quality according to the principle "From idea to solution"

We do not use semi-finished products, sub-contractors, we manufacture 100% in our factory with the highest quality standards.


We work with specialists on domestic market and abroad, we engage in research and development projects, we are looking for new solutions.


We have our own R&D department, tool shop, rich machinery park, and above all, we are open to the needs of customers.

Company history


Year of foundation

The company was established as a state-owned enterprise and was involved, among others, in in the production of kitchen knives, penknives, blades for meat grinders, forgings for parts of agricultural machines


CHIRMED introduces medical instruments

The first instruments based on forgings were, among others, scalpels, surgical knives, dressing and tissue forceps, instruments for pharmacy and laboratory, surgical scissors.


First export to Sweden

Since then, the number of foreign clients has been increasing gradually every year.


First export to Japan

Over the following years, Japan has become the main export market for CHIRMED products.


CHIRMED introduces instruments of titanium


Privatization of CHIRMED


New owner

change of the company’s location to the current one


Making significant changes in production technology and introducing many new designs of surgical instruments.


ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification


FDA registration


Construction of a new production hall


Transfer of the sales department to the new office


Development through, among others:

  • investing in modern technologies,
  • purchase of CNC machines and automatic grinding robot,
  • expanding production capabilities


The owner of the company, Mr Marcin Dyner gets Ph.D. Eng. degree as a results of his research on technology of pressing titanium


Construction of a new production hall intended for the construction and technological department and modern CNC machining department.


Investments in Research and Development Projects supported from EU

The projects are related with new solutions for cardiosurgery and orthopedics


Dual Study- project with local University „Innovative Technologies and Materials”

Dual studies are a modern study model that effectively combines university education and work. Thanks to dual studies, the student simultaneously obtains higher education and practical preparation for professional work.

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