Dental instruments

We produce instruments in the field of:

Dental surgery including extraction of teeth, preparation for prosthetic treatment, unveiling of teeth retained in the arch, procedures to remove fibromas, cysts or abscesses.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, the field of medicine dealing with surgical treatment of oral cavity diseases.

Orthodontics or treatment of malocclusion, maxillofacial abnormalities and correcting dental abnormalities.

Periodontology or prophylaxis and treatment of periodontal disease and oral mucosa.

Dental prosthetics dedicated to the reconstruction of primary occlusal conditions after loss of natural teeth or after massive damage.

  • Conservative dentistry including prophylaxis of dental caries and treatment of already existing cavities.


  • Endodontics, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp diseases and periapical tissues.


  • Implantology or restoration of dentition to improve disturbed masticatory system mechanics as well as to improve aesthetics.


We offer instruments made of high quality stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel is characterized by high resistance to corrosion. However, titanium guarantees additionally a great weight-to-strength ratio of the material.

We specialize in the production of tweezers, scalpels, microsurgical needles, hooks, root levers.
Tweezers are used in dentistry, among others for gripping implants, orthodontic brackets, easy holding and removing tissues and positioning the needle during sewing.
Needles holders are in four available models: with a round handle with a standard serrated grip and with a “golf ball” type grip, with a flat Castroviejo handle, bayonet and Hegar type.
We offer different types of wound retractors, Farabeuf double sided retractors and retractors models: Langenbeck, Kocher- Langenbeck, Obwegeser.
We also offer root elevators, including straight elevators and also various shapes and sizes, among others with working part: rounded, pointed, serrated, lateral and with wide and anatomic grip (with depression on the thumb), and also levers with different lengths of the working part or designed to remove remaining root tips in different sizes.

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