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The current offer includes:
Sets for carpal tunnel surgery:


  • CTCTS minimally invasive surgery kit, which guarantees reduction of the risk of damage of the middle nerve by using a cannula / trocar system. It is a technically simple and cost-effective method of performing an open minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery. This method offers good short-term results, 90% of the symptoms have been relieved after about 2 weeks.
  • set for endoscopic operations that includes an optic casing and an endoscopic knife.

Carpal tunnel syndrome arises as a result of the presence of intense and long compression of the median nerve. It may be caused by inflammatory swelling of the nerves and surrounding tissues, as well as post-traumatic or degenerative changes, as well as excessive overload of the wrist. The symptoms of the disease include the initial tingling sensation in the wrist and fingers (except for the little finger) that progresses with time. Symptoms usually appear at night, which the patients explain with poor hand positioning during sleep. It comes to muscle wasting, weakening the grip, the inability to grip a hand in a fist and proper precision, as well as the loss of objects held in the hands.

Zestaw do maloinwazyjnej operacji ciesni nadgarstka CTCTS, model Dr Carmel
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