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Surgical hooks and retractors are designed to remove anatomical structures during surgery.

They help in obtaining better visibility of the operating field, they also help to maintain and protect internal organs. They are used in various parts of the body and tissues.

The offer includes the following models of surgical retractors:

  • Wound and tracheal retractors: with 1, 2 or 3 prongs, with sharp and blunt prongs, one-sided and two-sided
  • Desmarres and Rostkowski lid retractors to prevent eye closure during surgery
  • Farabeuf wound retractors two-sided for supporting the edge of the wound in an open position;
  • Langenbeck retractors- used in medicine and veterinary to widen the incision and wound;
  • Kocher-Langenbeck reractors consisting of an ergonomic handle and blade, designed to support and protect organs during the procedure;
  • Obwegeser wound retractors
  • Orthopedic retractors Semb, Lambotte, root retractors

Available models of spreaders:

  • Self-retaining retractors allowing to keep the instrument in the open position, including Gelpi type retractor, working length 25 and 50 mm, with a single prong and Weitlaner type with prongs 2×3, 3×4, 4×5;
  • Retractors with foldable arms, teeth 6×6 and 3×3;
  • Self-retaining retractors for Caspar cervical spine surgery with interchangeable blades in various sizes and shapes;
  • They are available in a version with a scissor handle and with a sliding frame
  • Abdominal retractors that support the abdominal cavity in the open position-sets consisting of a set of hooks and a round frame;
  • Cardiac surgery spreaders
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