The division covers a wide range of orthopedic instruments and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system.

As part of this product category, we offer:

  • Bone elevators (bone levers) including models: Hohmann, Wagner, Verbugge-Müller, Lange-Hohmann, Hohmann-Aldinger, Schumacher, Bennett, Cobra, Müller, Fukuda;
  • Hip joint levers, including a set for minimally invasive hip surgery;
  • Two-sided Volkmann bone spoons for wound and bone cleaning, bone spoons with a round handle, bone spoons with a plastic handle;
  • Orthopedic mallets weighing from 350 to 2000 g;
  • Orthopedic tampers with diameters from 3.0 mm to 18 mm with a smooth working part or with serration, with plastic handles;
  • Flat, hexagonal, star head screwdrivers, with a plastic handle;
  • Lambotte chisels and osteotomes in sizes from 4mm to 50mm;
  • Bone scrapers (raspatory) and chisels with a plastic handle.

The material used on the handle of orthopedic instruments is Radel®PPSU (Tecason). This material is distinguished by high temperature resistance during sterilization, good biocompatibility and mechanical strength. It is also characterized by adequate stiffness at different temperatures and resistance on high energy radiation.

Shoulder arthroscopy aiming device – an arthroscopic instrument with an ergonomic handle to facilitate the location, alignment and guidance of the drill while drilling longitudinal holes during arthroscopic surgery of the arm.

Acetabular cup positioning instruments, designed for the operation of acetabular cup from anterior approach enabling faster patient verticalization and shortening the time of rehabilitation.

The set includes:

  • Acetabular cup giuding instrument with supporting screws- CK 199;
  • Acetabular cup fixing screw – CK 201;
  • Hexagonal ball head screwdriver – CK 202;
  • Hexagonal flathead screwdriver for locking screws – CK 203
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