Vessel clamps

This group of products is useful during vascular surgery. They are used to close vessels, ensuring an even distribution of pressure on the entire surface of the vessel wall.

It is characterized by optimal shape and low weight while maintaining the necessary strength. They can be used for various types of vessels, arteries and aorta.

Chirmed manufactures vascular clamps made of stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel has primarily a high resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. However, titanium additionally guarantees the right strength-to-weight ratio of the material.

The offer includes vascular clamps (so-called Bulldog clamps) based on stainless steel and titanium with anatomical and atraumatic cuts in versions for veins and arteries with increased closing force.

Available models:

  • Weldon miniature bulldog clamps;
  • Standard bulldog clamps, lengths 30-50 mm
  • Vascular clamps Glover;
  • Vascular clamps Cooley with adjustable closing force.
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