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The regeneration of instruments is a complete service consisting of:

  • sharpening
  • surface conditioning through grinding, sand blasting, polishing, electropolishing, passivation
  • replacement and repair of damaged parts
  • preservation
  • setting proper  work of instruments
  • marking (laser marking and etching)
  • replacement of hard inserts
  • gold plating
  • other necessary repairs

Prices are estimated basing on individual quotations considering an actual conditio of the instruments.

The repair program includes:

  • analysis of the instruments’ condition
  • preparing valuation of the repair and sending it to the customer
  •  processing repair after getting order/acceptance of the valuation from the customer
  • testing procedures and shipment to the customer


  • Possibility of safe use of the instruments without necessity of bearing costs of purchase of new instruments-   cost of a professional repair is around 10-30% cheaper than purchase of a new instrument. Appearance, safety and comfort of work is comparable to new instruments.
  •  wide range of repairs (not only instruments from our program )
  •  prompt and professional  handling of orders


Instruments should be repaired only by a professional service, unprofessional repair of instruments may cause damage of the instruments or its incorrect functioning.

Repair service offered by CHIRMED is covered by certification to the standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

Ordering procedure for repair:

Repair orders proceeds in the following steps:

  1.  Sending the instruments for valuation of the repair costs along with inquiry to Customer Service (see “Contact”- Export)

 The inquiry should include: information that the instruments are disinfected, specification of quantity (name and description of the instrument, quantity of each position), remarks about additional marking, shipment, invoicing, contact details.

  1.  Preparing quotation of the repair
  2.  Acceptance of the quotation or sending order from the Customer
  3.  Proceeding the repair service

It is also possible to prepare quotation without the necessity of sending the Instruments. In this case, we can prepare a rough estimation of the repair costs, basing on a regular price list.

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